Thursday, February 11, 2010

So today I am in 2nd grade. The teacher is out sick. That always squicks me out because I am at their desk, using their stuff, to teach their germ-factory children. So for good measure, I broke out the Clorox wipes (every classroom has them stocked) and wiped down everything she could have touched. Then, I wiped down the kids' desks. I stopped myself just short of actually wiping down the kids. And to be nice, I wiped down her whiteboard tray and markers (she had near 20 of them) and arranged them in rainbow order. Why? Because I'm insane I love to clean classrooms.

For a substitute, who gets exposed to new children every day, I have a surprisingly tough immune system. That, coupled with the fact that I was never allowed to be dirty as a child by my highly-intense clean freak of a mother, makes me wonder how I am not always sick. I have had 1 ear infection in my life. I was formula fed. My mother used to bleach out toys and wash stuffed animals every week. I did not go to preschool. But I was never sick. Two years ago I did catch a bad cold and lost my voice for 2 days, over the Thanksgiving holiday break, but other than that, no serious infections. This past fall when I caught a weird bug, it lasted a day. And that seems to be the trend for me, that even if I am under the weather, it's over in a day.

I might just be one of those lucky individuals with good immunity, thank God, which is great in my profession. Watch, since I wrote this, tomorrow I will catch the flu, the plague and hepatitis all at once.

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