Monday, April 12, 2010

Urine Trouble Now

Well, my fantastic Spring Break came to an end and it was back to work today for me in 5th grade. I got to introduce the kids to the wonders of the excretory system and hear them giggle every single time I uttered the words “urine” or “urethra.” I reminded them that we were all mature and were studying scientifically, so we needed to focus and understand how our bodies remove waste, but I might as well have shouted “YOU MAKE PEE-PEE IN THE POTTY!!” for all the scientific focus they had on excretion.

I also accompanied them to a dental check-up done by the school district in their fancy-shmancy dental trailer that roams from school to school checking the mouths of dragon-breath kids (I wrote about this issue before). I felt sorry for that dentist. I’m surprised he didn’t have a gas-mask on. At the end of the day, I got to hand out toothbrushes and make a plea on behalf of teachers everywhere that they all BRUSH THEIR TEETH at least TWICE a day, PLEASE.

And so went the day. Only 49 more school days left until summer!


  1. Well, I must have the maturity of a fifth grader as well because “YOU MAKE PEE-PEE IN THE POTTY!!” made me giggle for about 3 minutes. In the middle of math class.