Monday, May 3, 2010

Classroom Art

Once in a while, I get to do art projects with kids when I sub. This always excites me because I am artistic, and I got to long-term sub for a high school art class a few years ago. And sometimes, you get a really talented and creative kid like this:

Ashley is creative and did the project well. Yay Ashley! Great job!

But sometimes, you get one like this:

When sweet little Nancy showed me her piece, instead of doing this D: I said OMG HOW CUTE!! WTF IS THIS? HOW AWESOME!! I LOVE THE inability to follow directions COLORS! Great job Nancy! :D

Painting projects are harder to do with elementary kids because the odorless fumes of the paint cause them to forget all common sense behavior and do things like paint their hands or TOUCH ME WITH THE PAINT OMFG. I love art, and I love kids' art, but I do not love paint on my new pants. But I really, truly love acting amazed at kids' creations. Sometimes, I really am amazed. Sometimes I am kind of horrified. But paint is a tricky medium for kids.

Also GLUE. Elmer's Glue comes with a measurement usage scale of 32 gallons of glue per square inch of construction paper. I've literally asked a 7 year old whose hands were COVERED in glue, "At what time did you think it would be a good idea to use that much?" He looked up at me with big, vacant eyes and I said "Just....go wash your hands. And don't touch anything!"

I'm sure his teacher appreciate the trail of glue fingerprints and glitter when she got back the next day. I hope the cute art made up for it.


  1. I kind of like Nancy's! It reminds me of that movie "The Ring" :)

  2. Not gonna lie... I like Nancy's sooo much better! It's way more unexpected and unique. To me, it looks like "real" art, destined for some kid gallery, while little Ashley's is clearly going to hang on a fridge somewhere! :D