Tuesday, May 18, 2010

kosher enough?

I was browsing the school teacher-search site edjoin.org and found a listing for a middle/high school history teacher at a Hebrew school. I applied. It didn't say you had to be Jewish, and it's a small school and I would definitely want to work at a small school. I'm assuming if I was hired, I'd be teaching only girls (it's a K-12) and I'd have to be tznius-- modestly dressed. Not that I go to work in public school dressed like a $2 hooker, but this would entail no pants, skirts under the knee, elbows covered and nothing form-fitting, depending on the strictness of the school. It sounds like a neat challenge. I do love my jeans and short-sleeved tops but I would sacrifice them for a job.

It's great that I'm applying to a school and the only thing on my mind is what I would wear. Priorities, I do not have them.

I should walk into the interview and say the following:

Hello, Hebrew school. I know a lot about Judaism, probably more than the average Gentile, and I love learning about it. I studied a lot of Jewish history in college. I love challah bread. I can say the first part of the Shema in (heavily accented) Hebrew. When I was at UCLA I was constantly asked to join the Jewish Student Union. My orthodox friend Yael named me an honorary Jew. And I hate pork.

Hire me Hebrew school, plz?

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