Monday, May 24, 2010


I was reading a wonderful book to the little ones on the carpet in my best reading voice. I glanced out to them as I showed them the illustration when one little boy with big ears flashed me a giant grin.

He was wearing plastic vampire teeth.

I did not stop. I did not even skip a beat. I gave him a look, he sheepishly removed them and put them in his pocket and I kept right on reading so no other kids notice. My look that said You will take those out of your mouth quietly, and you will put them away, and you will sit quietly and listen to my fantastic rendition of The Cat in the Hat. My eyes totally said it all.

Better teaching through Jedi mind powers.


  1. My, what composure! I would have totally been laughing my head off!

  2. Oh I wanted to, so badly! But I knew if I cracked, I would have lost all of them to a huge giggle fit. I had to stay serious! :P