Friday, February 18, 2011


Wow, it's been a long time! Sorry for the unannounced hiatus! I'm still here, still subbing, but life caught up with me and I neglected my poor little blog. But I promise not to leave for so long again!

In honor of Presidents' Day, here are the most important facts about George Washington's life, according to 2nd graders:

Apparently, living with his brother was just as important as fighting in the Revolution. His brother was probably totally cool and had awesome parties, yo.


  1. YAYYYY!!! So glad you're back! (And I'm sure George Washington's brother could play a mean harpsichord! Boogie down!)

  2. So glad l those reasons (like prison, etc) I made as reasons for your absence are not true! Glad u r back!

  3. And apparently bberry can't type or spell either!