Sunday, January 24, 2010

I subbed in a classroom that I disliked today. It was third grade. That's a great grade. The classroom sucked. Barely any artwork up, closed windows, disorganized and dirty. Ugh.

If I taught 3rd grade, this is what my classroom would have (besides the staples of desks, books, etc)

I would have plants in the windows. Because I love plants, and kids love plants, and it makes a room happy.
I would have a pet somewhere in there, probably a betta fish because they are hearty. Maybe a hamster. Kids love pets.
I would have a library area with giant pillows for sitting and reading.
I would keep the window blinds pulled open, because sunlight is awesome and this is not Vampire School.
I would also keep an endless supply of Clorox disinfecting wipes, because children are germy.
I would have mats at the doors to collect their grassy, wet shoe dirt.
I would put up lots and lots of artwork. Because I love art, and kids do too. And it makes a room come alive.

When I taught art, I took great pride in my classroom being full of art, and extremely clean. My students (high school) always laughed at the way I bustled around them with a washcloth and spray, making sure there was not a speck of paint on the white tables. And it smelled really good in there, too.

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