Sunday, January 24, 2010

I was at the local elementary school today, with 2nd grade. Love them. I'm at that school so much the kids know me well, and even before I get into the gates I hear "MIss P!!! Miss P!!!" and I get dozens of hugs. Why is that little children start off so sweet and loving, and by the time they hit 5th grade they morph into such TURDS.

I'll be in middle school tomorrow with a math class I sub for frequently, and 5th period is absolutely terrible. I hate those kids. Every single time I sub, I send 2 outside (1 at each door) and move desks to put at least 4 kids at the corners of the room. I push one desk up to the front board and stick a kid there. They just don't shut up. When I was there Monday, I ended up cutting the lesson early and telling a few of the good kids who were listening to come to the desk and I would explain it to them, but i was not wasting any more time trying to talk over others. There's one girl, Kayla, who is not bad, but does not shut her mouth EVER. I moved her twice and threatened to send her outside, and finally I was so exasperated I said "Kayla, WHERE can I put you to make you stop talking?! I would stick you in that closet if I could! PLEASE STOP TALKING!!!!"

She laughed and said "I'm sorry Miss" and stayed quiet for a good 5 minutes. And then she went back to being a chatterbox.

I give up.

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