Thursday, March 18, 2010

middle school

I sat in 8th grade math during the prep period where there are no students and heard a dog barking nearby. I don’t know why a dog was in school but I didn’t care enough to investigate further as I was too busy reading entertainment blogs for Glee spoilers. Maybe he was lost. Maybe he was subbing.

Middle school children should not have facial hair. It is wrong. What are we feeding these kids?

I know my last name is weird, but it’s not like I write it in on the board in Hebrew or something they can’t understand. We need more phonics practice with these kids. It’s like they see letters in a new arrangement and their immediate reaction is horror. And I don’t mind being called Miss P, but my real name should not terrify middle schoolers like that. It’s only 5 letters.

This teacher I am currently subbing for has no pens or pencils. I want this teacher to get a citation or something. That’s like a doctor walking into surgery with no scalpels or other gadgets he uses to do surgery (I’m not a surgeon, I don’t know these things). Unacceptable.

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