Friday, April 16, 2010


Today, little J in 4th grade decided that his math worksheet drawing of a genie needed a little something extra, and he decided that extra was boobs. Yup, he added breasts to it. He drew two large circles on the genie’s chest, with two dots inside to represent the world’s smallest nipples (which also makes me assume he hasn’t actually seen real breasts, and yes, I’m critiquing his drawing skills). I was not aware of his little foray into nude sketching until his neighbor A frantically called me like something was on fire, yelling “Miss P!!! Miss P!! He drew something BAD!!!!” (I’m not sure what is weirder, J’s apparent early fascination with them, or A’s reaction of sheer pants-pissing horror). “MISS P!!! HE’S DRAWING BAD STUFF!!!” Think of the children!! MY GOD!!!

When I saw the circles, I immediately pursed my lips to hide my smile, and turned my head to try to stop the laughter. I called the class aide over and said “Um, Miss D, can you please handle this…um, issue… with the paper…?” She cracked a small smile and called J over to her desk. I faced the white board and laughed because I am 12. I heard Miss D saying “Is this an appropriate drawing for school?” LOL NO. “Would you want your mother to see this drawing?” LOL NO. If he was clever, he could have made the defense of just simply drawing circles in an ode to geometry, because he really loved math. But nope, it was strictly for the boobs. Those boobs cost him a pin pull-down on the behavior chart. I’m pretty sure boobs will get him into more trouble in the future.

Today in 4th grade, a shirtless genie on a math worksheet was given boobs. Happy Friday!


  1. I can't count the times I've had to tell middle-school-age boys to take off the rubber bracelets for breast cancer 'cuz they say "I love Boobies." I believe they love boobies, but not for the breast cancer reason. *rolls eyes*

  2. LOL!!

    I once had to teach 2nd graders about mammals. Cue the questions about milk and babies, and a kid asks "where does the milk come from?" and I say "from the mother's breasts."

    Immediately 20 sets of eyes dart to my chest. I suddenly wanted to put my jacket on.