Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Every so often, I get a frantic call from a frazzled school office manager. They flash the Sub Signal into the dark skies of Gotham City and I immediately respond.

Office Manager: Oh, SuperSub! We have a 2nd grade teacher who just broke her ankle! Her class is kind of difficult, and we need you for the week. Do you think you can handle this? We needed an experienced substitute, someone who could handle these kids….can you help us, SuperSub?

Me: Duty calls. I’ll be right there. 8 am sharp. Does this cape match my cardigan?

Office Manager: I just have to warn you, she has a girl with serious behavior issues. You might not be able to handle it, SuperSub.

Me: There is no child that can scare me away. I am here to serve, protect and distract. *cape blows in the wind*

Office Manager clasps her hands in relief.

And the students of Gotham City can sleep well, because they will be in capable hands. And also, I bribe them with popsicles.

(and I know Batman gets the Bat Signal, not Superman, but I always thought he should. That signal was awesome. )

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  1. SuperSub!
    Don't you know that superheroes should never wear capes??
    Has no one watched the Incredibles? D: