Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunshiney Day

Little kids always draw suns with glasses and smiles. It cracks me up. Like the sun must be happy and also nearsighted? And the two of us, wearing crowns. I normally don't wear crowns to work (I save them for grocery shopping). Also, the sky is always only on top, just a blue strip hovering above the earth. I remember very clearly when my 1st grade teacher said to me after seeing my sky-strip, "Look outside. Is the sky only a strip of blue on top? Or does it come all the way down as far as you can see?" And my mind was blown.

I was like this: :o

It was one of those WOW moments of my life, like when I discovered Michelle on Full House was played by twins. (swear it, my neighbor told me and I was like omg no way!)

I didn't say anything to this little girl except express my joy at being given such an amazing drawing with a beautiful note. It's little things like this that make being a professional subsutoot really fun sometimes.

And I'll let someone else give her that WOW moment when she discovers the sky in fact comes all the way down. ;)


  1. See, you are so nice. I would have hogged that WOW moment for sure.

    You really are the best subsutoot ever.