Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I have subbed for this 4th grade class once before. My first time, their teacher met with me before class and gave me a rundown of the day, which I always appreciate, and then told me to watch out for one girl in particular (I’ll call her X cause for real, her name starts with an X and it’s not Xanadu). I was like “Oh okay...” and she got wide-eyed and serious and was like “NO. YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. SHE IS THE DEVIL. YOU DON’T UNDERSTAAAAND.” She proceeded to tell me that this child is not allowed to be ANYWHERE without a fellow student escorting her and that she is close to being arrested. (WTF?!) She told me to lock up my stuff and keep my eye on her. Luckily for me, that day X left very early. I was like WHEW! DODGED A BULLET and my day was fine.

So today I am back in her class and there’s little X, who is as cute as can be, sitting at her desk in the corner, staring at me. And I’m staring at her.

Me: 0_0

X: o_o

The Sub Note reminds me about her behavior and what to do if she gets out of hand. The thing is, it is near 2:00 now, and she hasn’t done anything wrong all day. I know; I’m watching her. I’m watching my purse, my laptop, my pockets. My eyes are going to shrivel up and fall out of my head I’m watching so hard. And I’m just waiting. X is making me nervous. I’m waiting for her to do something bad so I can catch her but she hasn’t moved. She came up behind me and said “Miss?” and I jumped and said “Yes?!” and she asked if she could get water. Was she going to poison the water? Was she going to walk by and cut off a lock of my hair or stick gum in it or OMG THIS CHILD IS MAKING ME NERVOUS AND more IRRATIONAL.

But no, X just sits there…smiling at me.

Me: 0_0

X: :)

She’s been so good today, I’m wondering if she’s just gotten extremely good at hiding her bad behavior. Maybe she’s like a ninja, and she’s doing things so fast I can’t even see her. Because her teacher warned me like I would be working with Hannibal Lecter and she’s just sitting and smiling.

Me: 0_0

X: :D

I’m going to get home and see she’s stolen my TV, aren’t I?


  1. I've had notes like that from teachers. It makes me nervous to leave my bag under the desk and I'm always watching my things!

  2. I try to lock up my purse if there's space, but otherwise I do try to hide it under the desk. It's hard enough to teach without having to be a security guard too! :P

  3. Wow, and she's only in 4th grade? I almost feel bad for her, with everyone around her always assuming the worst! But if the shoe fits...

    (Also: Xanadu! haha)