Thursday, May 13, 2010

What page?

Today the 4th graders have taken it upon themselves to be even more irritating than they naturally are, and the majority of it comes from the 234,664,112,345 questions they ask, 99% of them are TOTALLY UNNECESSARY AND MAKE ME NEED TO TAKE DEEP BREATHS.

"Okay guys, books out, page 143. [I write it on the board VERY LARGE]. Quickly and quietly, please. Page 143."

*children scamper and get books out of desks*

This is literally how fast it went:

Miss? What page?
Page 143.
Miss? What page?
Page 143. Everyone, for the 3rd time, turn to page ONE FORTY THREE.
Miss? I don't have a book.
Then share with your neighbor. I can't make you a book right now.
Miss? What page?
Miss? Can I sharpen my pencil?
Why would you need a pencil if we're reading? No.
Miss? Can I go to the bathroom?
Miss? Can I use my ruler?
What? No.
Miss? What page?

I then gave a short speech on common sense.

"You guys, you don't have to ask me for every little movement you make. You know what to do if you don't have a book or a pencil. You ask your neighbor. I do not have these things in my pocket. Use common sense. You know what that is right? If you didn't hear the page number all 340 times I said it, quietly ask your neighbor."

What page?



  1. I feel your pain.

    We have an adopted child in our family that has attachment disorder, and he would constantly ask stupid questions. One thing that we learned during therapy was to answer with "You're a smart kid, you can figure it out!", which sounds kind of mean, but it combines encouragement with teaching the child to be responsible. It has actually worked for us.

    So I know you weren't really asking for help, but I'm a first-born and I really like telling other people what to do and how to solve their problems. I'm the Queen of Unsolicited Advice!

  2. Yes. This. Exactly.

    I teach elementary school band and strings (so take the 4th graders, and now give them a freaking instrument), and probably 5678849 times a day, I am about to drop a down beat, (after telling them 6 million times Song X, at measure Y) 1, 2, READY "Mrs. V, which song are we doing?" O_o

  3. In these paragraphs you have just described the last 16 years of my life. Which I totally would not trade for anything.

    Oh, also...what page?

  4. OMG YES SO FRUSTRATING. I've worked mostly with middle schoolers, and it doesn't get any better at that age.