Friday, May 14, 2010

E-2, D-2

Well, I just got the best morning greeting ever from the world's most insane 2nd graders. I was late to pick up my class from the blacktop, and a TA was walking a lone group into the hallways. I saw them and said "E2?" and she said "Yes." The kids saw me and YELLED "MISS P!!! MISS P!!!" and I was mauled in a swarm of waist-high hugs. I recognized these kids. Wait a minute...


"No, D-2."

"Oh, sorry guys! I'm not your sub today, I'm with E-2!"

They let out a collective disappointed "AWWWWW" and my heart melted. They like me! I know why. I'm very calm with children, so calm I'm almost comatose. I'm calm because there is no other way to react to small people so high on life they would literally climb the walls if you let them. This is why I end up with stickers on my face and ribbon tied into my hair. I'm also very huggable. And I wear earrings that look like little strawberries. I smile a lot. I gave them popsicles for being good. And they know me. I'm Miss P. I'm their Miss P.

This job pays very little. It is not glamorous or prestigious. Many days I am frustrated. I have a degree from a top school and I am just a sub. I don't even have my own classroom. I'm just a sub.

But mornings like this make up for all of that.

Happy Friday!


  1. Those are the best moments - I love when I go to schools that I've subbed at before, and they're happy to have me as their sub again. =D

  2. So cute! You sound like a great teacher.

    I taught music at a private grammar school for one year. The job was horrible, and I often wondered why I was even there, but I always got the sweetest greetings/goodbyes from the kids. That alone made the whole thing worth it!