Friday, May 14, 2010

X: The Sequel

Remember X? The little girl who was supposed to be the spawn of Satan?

I subbed for her class again yesterday. She walked behind me and noticed my laptop background, and said "You like Glee?"

I turned and said "Oh I love Glee! Do you?"

She lit up and said "Yeah!"

"Who's your favorite character?"

"I like the blond one." [Quinn]

We started talking about how much we liked the songs and I told her how I got to see them live at the Grove during a pre-screening of an episode, and she was so excited. We had a connection! A bond! This child isn't so bad after all...I mean, she's a Gleek. She's got to have some good inside!

She behaved extremely well again yesterday, and I even gave her the task of passing out papers, to which the other kids exclaimed "She can't! She makes bad choices!" I looked at her and said "You'll make good choices, right?" and she promised, though I watched her like a hawk to make sure she didn't maul a classmate or set something on fire. And she did well.

X exceeded my expectations.

Glee contains the power to make even demon children like their teachers.


  1. Aw that's so great! Hopefully she'll prove everyone wrong. Tough to be in 4th grade and already have a scarlet letter.

  2. That's great :) Sometimes that's all some kids need...some responsibility and attention! I have my Masters in Education and am just's so stressful that there are NO jobs in my area :(