Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The best thing about teaching little ones, besides their unconditional love, is that they are unafraid to display their unconditional love, no matter how weird that display may be. Little kids like to give their teachers presents. Since they are not employed and rarely carry more than one crumpled dollar in their pocket for lunch, the presents are usually things they make or find. And again, since they are in school, presents must be limited to things they can find on the playground. This presents an interesting array of gift-giving possibilities.

Now, unfortunately most playgrounds do not have Starbucks coffee or itunes cards lying around, so children must find things they think their teacher would also love: weeds, rocks and even an occasional pigeon feather. (Though I suspect even if there were giftcards lying around, we’d still get rocks and weeds because 6 year olds are poor decision makers). I can’t tell you how much I love to be gifted a healthy dandelion after morning recess from a toothless 6 year old who plucked it especially for me. See, it might just be a dandelion, but to the child, it is the most beautiful flower ever, better than a rose. So it really means a lot to them. I’ve also received blades of grass and interesting rocks that have those little sparkly bits embedded in them, and when something sparkles, it must be valuable, right?

It’s the thought that counts. ;)


  1. Ahh, yes...little-kid gifts are the best!

  2. Those scraggly weeds are sometimes the best gifts of all. :) Look at me, being all sappy!

  3. Yes, I was one of those kids who used to give my teachers weeds. And pictures of poorly drawn dogs and other animals that ended up posted on their bulletin boards...