Monday, June 7, 2010


Remember the kids from D2? The kids I bribed with popsicles? It worked well to get me through the day but now D2 thinks I am the coolest sub EVAR and everytime they see me I am tackled by a bunch of waist-high maniacs who, if given the chance, would hug the crap out of me like I was some poor classroom hamster locked in their death-grip of affection. I peek out of my door to see if any of them are roaming the hallway and when it's clear, I make my exit quickly, only to hear a little voice yell "MISS P!!!!" and then I know I'm about to be jumped.

Today I am subbing for D1, D2's next-door neighbor. D1 hates my guts. They are third graders with attitude and Miss P is having approximately NONE of it these last weeks of school. But D2 is second grade.

Second graders are made of 3 ingredients:

-the desire to please

So D2 will see me gather D1's hooligans and yell "MISS P!!! HOW COME YOU'RE NOT IN OUR CLASS AGAIN!?!" And as sweet as that is, it's REALLY hard to get anything done when the kids love you so much. And so loudly. I can't be all King Leonidas with a kid looking at me with googly-love eyes saying "Miss P you're the best!" With the D1 snarly-faces? Oh yeah. But D2?
I am Miss Honey.

Damn them for figuring out my kryptonite. I bet they just want popsicles.

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