Thursday, June 3, 2010


There are few age groups that can take my nerves, roll over them with a garbage truck, put them in a blender, shred them, then set the blender on fire like 7th graders.

I have nothing nice to say about 7th graders, so I won't even describe them.

Today, a 7th grader thought it would be fun to squeak his sneakers against the linoleum floor of the science room. A loud, severely annoying, high-pitched squeak. I couldn't figure out who it was, so I said "STOP."


Me: >:(

A few minutes pass. Again, *squeak* *squeak*

Me: Whoever is doing that, knock it off.


THAT WAS IT. I stood up and glared at them. It is the end of the school year. I have spent 9 months dealing with these shenanigans, and I lost it. Every teacher gets to this point. Today, I got to mine. I must have looked like a deranged maniac in a green cardigan.

A dramatically illustrated re-enactment:

Yes. I threatened to take their shoes. Hearing something so absurd cause the real perp to laugh in shock, and I looked right at him and said "I mean it, if I hear so much as one more squeak, I will take your shoes and you can walk around in your socks!" He swallowed and looked at me seriously and said "But what if it happens by accident?"


I am SO ready for summer.


  1. Oh man, I so wish you said the "This is SPARTA!" part. xD

    I'm hit or miss with 7th graders. It depends on the group. I've had fantastic 7th grade days, and horrific 7th grade days. The only group that's roundly PITAs for me are 8th graders - and that includes last year, when I taught 4/5 8th grade English classes full time.

  2. Oh gosh. I actually have taken a kid's shoes... and you're far braver than I am -- I've done exactly one day of middle school subbing for a REASON. :)


    You are so funny! It is soooooo much funnier to hear about another's person's experiences with 7th graders then to actually HAVE experiences with 7th graders, though. They can be um...."challenging".

  4. Oh Lord!! What are we going to do for amusement if you take the summer off?!

  5. I actually thought about that--OMG WHAT WILL I BLOG ABOUT OVER SUMMER!?! but I think I have enough subbing stories to last me over the break!

    I've been at this for 4 years, and I just started writing them here in January. I definitely have some epic tales to share! :P

  6. VENN DIAGRAM FTW! (I don't know why I love diagrams so much when I'm so awful at math!)


  7. I used to substitute teach, but I was never brave enough to take on 7th graders!
    As for the shoe squeaker, it always amazed me how weaselly some kids were when it came to obnoxious behavior. "What if it happens by accident?"
    Nice try, kid.